Onion Creek Trail


1 Day Trail – Rated 3 1/2

The Onion Creek Trail begins with a twenty mile drive up the Colorado River.Turning off onto the Onion Creek Road, we will pass thru the red rock walls of the canyon and cross the creek several times. The Trail tops out in Fisher Valley where we will pass the Taylor Livestock Ranch. Leaving Fisher Valley, we head for the most difficult section of the trail known as Rose Garden Hill. However, with the help of your guide Dan Mick, you will make it to the top.After a lunch overlooking the Thompson Canyon, it’s off to the Top of the World for unbelievable views in all directions. If the weather permits on our return trip to the Ol’ Dewey Bridge, we may be able to forge the Deloris River twice while traveling thru Cow Skip Canyon.



The Onion Creek Trail has several beautiful sights such as the Priest and the Nuns and Castle Rock. If you still haven’t had your fill of scenery wait until the view you’ll get on the Top of the World.


Road Surface

The beginning of the trail crosses the creek several times but that should cause no problems. Later in the trail we do travel over loose rocks and pass many steep ledges.



The roughest part of the Onion Creek trail is Rose Garden Hill. While venturing up hill, the loose rocks and ledges make the terrain a little tricky. Also at time the Deloris River gets too high for some vehicles, but there is an alternative route to take you safely around this part of the trail.