Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail Version


This trip is designed for the hard core four wheeler that wants to tackle one of the Moab area’s famous tough trail segments. The Rusty Nail segment is combined with a couple of the Golden Spike Trail’s obstacles and the Gold Bar Rim Trail to complete a loop. The Rusty Nail section adds some rather unforgiving climbs and a hairy sidehill section to get the adrenalin pumping.¬†Please note this trail requires front and rear locking differentials, a winch, and 33″ tires minimum.


The “usual” Gold Bar Rim scenery, which means sweeping vista that include the Moab Valley, Arches National Park, the LaSal Mountains, the Bookcliffs, and the Colorado River canyon.


Road Surface

Slickrock, steep ledges, large boulders, off camber traverses, and a steep waterfall rock make up this trip.



This trail segment starts fairly easily, but about halfway through the Riff raff obstacle is encountered. This obstacle serves to stop inadequately equipped 4x4s cold, thus keeping out the riff raff. Once past the two parts of Riff Raff, there are a few small ledges and off camber downhill turns.

The No Left Turn obstacle is the next one encountered¬† It begins with a sharp right turn on the slickrock, followed immediately by a slide down a steep wall. The rig is now on a narrow section with a wall to the right and a steep drop on the left, with a large boulder ahead. The driver’s side tires must go over the boulder without scraping the top on the wall to the right.

Once past No Left Turn another series of ledges and off camber sections await. The trail then crosses a large slickrock section to join up with the Golden Spike Trail just past the Golden Crack. Taking a left here puts one using the very tough part of the Golden Spike to loop back to the Gold Bar Rim Trail and then back to the start of Rusty Nail.