Deadman Point


The Deadman Point Trail visits the interesting area south of the Spring Canyon Bottom Road as it approaches its drop into Spring Canyon. This country is bordered by Hellroaring Canyon on the south and the Green River on the west. There are occasional challenges for stock vehicles but this tour was planned to be scenic, relaxed, family four-wheeling for those more interested in scenery than 4×4 challenges. It is an excellent choice for novices and grizzled veterans looking for a relaxing day with new sights. Mileage is approximately 90 miles total, 32 off improved roads.



There are several views down into the Bowknot Bend section of the Green River. An arch or two may be seen from one or more of these places. Some birds love to float on the cliff edge thermals if conditions are right.  Glimpses into lower Hellroaring Canyon and across the river into lower Horseshoe Canyon are other treats. On a clear day a number of the larger named rock formations in the Maze Districk of Canyonlands NP can be seen.


Road Surface

There are some easy rock/dirt sections, occasional small ledges, some slickrock out near the viewpoints, and a couple sections of two track sand.



The trail begins close to the descent into Spring Canyon, and generally follows Hellroaring Canyon to its mouth at the Green River. There are no real obstacles of note, one or two ledges may require a careful line to avoid scraping a skid plate on lower vehicles or a rear bumper on those with long overhangs. At various spurs along the way the leader may elect to head over and take a peek down to the river.