Questions and Answers

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Q: What are your most popular trails?

A: We recommend Hell’s Revenge Trail for a Half Day or Sunset tour. Hell’s Revenge has many challenging obstacles as well as spectacular views. For a Full Day tour we recommend a combination of Hell’s Revenge and Moab Rim.


Q: Can we drive your Jeeps?

A: No. We do not allow guests to drive our Jeeps.


Q: Can we rent a Jeep from you?

A: No. We do not offer Jeep rentals. We do recommend Cliff hanger Jeep for Rentals.


Q: Can we rent a Jeep and follow you on the trail?

A: Yes. We would love to share with you our knowledge and skill of off-road Jeeping. We enjoy teaching others how to safely travel the back country and exactly what your Jeep or a Rental Jeep can do!


Q: Do you offer tours in Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park ?

A: No. We do not do tours in the National parks. We recommend exploring the parks on your own.


Q: Is tour pricing per person?

A: Kind of. Our prices are family friendly; when you book a tour you get the Guide and Jeep for the first 3 people in the jeep it is $300. The 4th, 5th and 6th people are $50/each additional. You will need a second jeep if you have more than 6 people. It is the same pricing as the first jeep.


Q: Do tour prices include tax?

A: No. Tax is in addition to tour pricing.


Q: Are tours appropriate for all ages?

A: Each tour is tailored just for you and your family. When you book a tour with us you block dedicated time just for you. Let us know just how thrilling, daring, or extreme your ride should be!


Q: Can you Jeep in the Rain?

A: Yes, Rain makes it more fun! Sunset pictures are often better when there are clouds in the sky.


Q: Can we drink Alcohol on your tours?

A: No. It is illegal to drink in or around a vehicle on or off the road. Open containers should be thrown away prior to starting the tour.


Q: Can we bring our Dog?

A: No. We have had problems in the past with letting pets come on the Tour.


Q: Do you provide meals on your tours?

A: No. Please make sure when booking a full day tour that you pack your own lunch or make arrangements to stop in town between off-road sections. We do provide snacks on the trail.


Q: What age is considered a child?

A: Children are age 1 to 12 years old. Over 12 years old is considered an adult. This is more of a size seating than anything else. Our third row seat is a little smaller. you might have a 12 year old that is taller than you.


Q: How young of children can go on tours?

A: Children age 1 to 12 years are welcome to go on our tours.


Q: Are Child Safety seats provided.

A:  No. Children age 1 to 8 years should use Safety Seats. Please bring your own.